We are Jonny Sabbagh & Will Harper.

We are puppet film makers.

We met at wimbledon school of art on a degree course called  'Technical arts Interpretation' and were given the opportunity to develop skills in all sorts of areas, including prop building, model making, set construction, film making, mechanics and character design. We started to work together on various short films and have continued to do so ever since.

Over the past ten years...whooa... time flies... we have worked on all sorts of projects doing all sorts of things.

We have designed, made and performed puppet characters for commercials, music videos, TV shows and feature films. 

We also direct, write scripts, perform voices, create environments, write and record music, make props, rig and puppeteer just about anything. 

What we do best is bring inanimate objects to life in a considered, dynamic, practical and hopefully funny way.

We have been lucky enough to work closely with all sorts of directors including  Dougal Wilson, Ben Wheatley, Peter Serafinowicz , Simon Willows, James Rouse and Terry Jones. 

Puppet Characters

Jonny has been making puppets his whole life and is now expert in creating loveable, engaging characters.    We make sure the characters belong to the world they are in and can function in a way that gets the most out of the idea or script. The fact that we make the puppets as well as perform them is an advantage for making a project cohesive and a shoot go smoothly. 

We are generally involved with storyboarding, so from conception we can steer an idea for a certain shot or action in a way that looks dramatic but is also achievable.


In 2012 we were signed to Blinkink as directors and have since produced a series of shorts for Cartoon Network, a film for Diesel, some ads for Maltesers and a set of musical stings for Radox. We are currently developing a TV series.

Our Cartoon Network shorts were nominated for a childrens BAFTA

The Diesel film has had nearly two million hits, and was selected for the APA Collection 2013 (the top 50 ads of the year).

We were also recently awarded a golden arrow for Best New Director at the 2013 British Television Advertising Craft awards.

We are keen to collaborate on interesting projects.

We have lots of ideas we'd love to develop and realise.

Thanks for visiting the site, 

Hope you enjoy our work

Jonny & Will